Tumblehome Variations

Tumblehome is the first collection I created for Studio DOR & TAN, inspired by marine architecture. A more in-depth talk about this can be found here.

The Tumblehome collection was made in one colour, a natural white glaze and a sandy hued clay. Designed to be classic and tactile in tone and profile. I was asked by DOR & TAN to create the same form in different clay and glaze combinations of my own choice. Colour is a difficult area when you want to keep a concept ageless, so instead I opted for texture first. Often surface is underrated and ignored as the soul of a piece when it comes to tableware. So I went with a groggy charcoal clay, minimal, simple but aesthetically different from the norm.

Another option was pattern, pattern is not seen as minimal, but wood, earth, and metal, all have their own subtle unsystematic sequences. We don’t consider any of these elements as garish, so the answer must be naturally occurring disorder. I wanted to use a clay which added pattern organically to a piece, not by my hand but reaction. I experimented with a couple of flecked and toasted clays for this and found a perfectly balanced fleck in terms of negative space, hue and added texture.