My life started beside the ocean, and it has always been a neighbour I’ve found myself gravitating back to over the years. To me the sea is one of the key elements of living in Cornwall, it permeates daily life. It surrounds us, provides for us, and is traversed upon.

The Tumblehome collection is based on marine architecture, more specifically the curvature of boat hulls. The curve of a Tumblehome boat is widest at the water line and tapers both above and below. I worked with this concept, moving to the notion that the sea and the human body are the same curving biological mass that both cup and hold objects in the same way.

This idea lead me to design a series of minimal objects with these parameters drew me to form tumblers, plates, and bowls. Creating a neat, uncluttered and direct connection between object and person. But also their simple function and form gave me an outlet to provide people with that same tactile and satisfying experience which working with clay gives me.